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When acquiring a new practice there are many details, analysis and planning that a practice undergoes. What we do? We are here to ease that transition and provide you with tools that help you build a successful new practice with your new acquisition. Below is a simple example of how we can help.

When looking at 2 practices, which one would you feel have more potential? Lets look at the breakdown of analysis that undergoes for two practices.

What you see:

Two practices, 8 miles apart. Each collects about 1.2m per year in revenue with similar provider mix.

What we see:

Despite similar revenue, one practice has 40% more perio disease in the patient population 30% more caries

One practice is deriving most of it's revenue from out of network and cash patients, while the other gets 90% from in-network insurance

One practice has well trained, consistent providers, while the other has all stars and poor performers.

Which practice has more potential?

Which practice will be easier for your company to integrate? Which practice has a greater risk of revenue loss?
With SmartDiligence, you’ll know.

With SmartDiligence, there are no bad acquisitions because we give you the strategies to make deals work and understand where revenue upside will be found.

AI-driven insights to grow and protect your dental investment


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